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Guban View: Do not let Wadani party hold Somaliland elections hostage with frivolous demands

After a long absence from the political scene, the Madasha group held a press briefing under a shaded tree somewhereRead More »

We should remember those who are facing adversity during the Eid-al-Fitra celebration

June 4, 2019 ️Eid Mubarak☪️Shawal 1,1440 It’s that time of the year when we celebrate  Eid-al-fitr after the end of Ramadan—-aRead More »

Mr. Ramaah  must be brought to justice for inciting violence 

Lewis Center, Ohio—This week, in a poorly shot video,  Mr. Suleiman Ali  aka Ramaah, the former Sahel region governor duringRead More »

Guban View: Why we celebrate May 18

On a sunny Saturday on May 18, Somaliland people celebrated the 28th anniversary of our independence, with parades across theRead More »

The U.S. should not be a safe haven for accused war criminals like Somalia’s Col. Tukeh

Lewis Center, Ohio– Mr. Farhan Warfaa was a 17 year farmer when he was abducted. In December 1987, he andRead More »

Gubanmedia: A tribute to President Egal

I have written this note as a tribute to our late President Mohamed Ibrahim Egal: 17 years ago, on MayRead More »

Guban view: Professor Ahmed I. Samatar’s last gasp

Last week, a panel discussion was held in Hargeisa on whether to resume talks between Somaliland and Somalia. Inspire youthRead More »

Massacre grew from rise of white supremacy

This past Friday, a 28 years old Australian-born white supremacist mowed down 50 Muslim worshippers, including women and children atRead More »

Will Somaliland to be governed by the rule of law or by mob rule?

This week, in a video shot  in a low dim light room, a group of Arab sub-clan elders were advocatingRead More »

America's legacy as a nation of immigrants is under siege

On a rainy Wednesday in February, I was lucky enough to witness the naturalization ceremony for the newly minted AmericanRead More »

Bring US troops from Somalia quagmire now

President Donald Trump has declared his intent to withdraw US troops from Syria. He should also bring our troops outRead More »

The spectre haunting Ethiopia: Unbridled torture, impunity in Somali region

Last weekend, Ethiopian defense forces clashed with the notorious para-military Liyu police in the Somali region of Ethiopia. The fightingRead More »

Blatant Somalia apologist, Bashir Goth, wrong choice for Somaliland's representative in Washington DC

This week, President Bihi has  issued a directive appointing a Blatant Somalia apologist, a denier  of the war crimes thatRead More »

Somali Region of Ethiopia: PM Abiy Must Address the Culture of Impunity

Ethiopia is slowly moving in the right direction after the reformist PM Abiy Ahmed took power over 100 days ago.Read More »

Somaliland Must Be Free

The U.S. wastes blood and treasure propping up Somalia while denying its neighbor’s sovereign aspirations. Why? In 1991, following theRead More »

Ethiopia needs US, international intervention

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is wrapping up a visit to Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria to talk withRead More »

Barbar song cheaters: Stealing from Somali creative artists

The hit “Barbar” song has amassed over two million views since hitting youtube in December, but the lyrics of the song wereRead More »

Bring Kenyan troops home from Somalia

  On January 15, 2016, Kenyans reacted with anger and horror  at the news that  al-Shabaab militants  had attacked KenyanRead More »

Somaliland is a beacon of democracy in an unstable region

  LEWIS CENTER, Ohio — In November, the voters of the unrecognized Republic of Somaliland in the volatile Horn of Africa region wentRead More »

Mogadishu mayor’s efforts in helping victims of violence against women show leadership

Lewis Center, Ohio–Last October, a member of the Puntland security forces shot Faiza Mohamed Abdi, 16, in the “pelvic area”Read More »

Time for Irro to congratulate and reach out to President-elect Bihi

On Tuesday, after a long delay, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced that Muse Bihi won the 2017 Presidential election.Read More »

Time for Irro to concede defeat and move on

Last week, the voters of the Republic of Somaliland went to the polls to elect a new President. A preliminaryRead More »

Muse Bihi is the right choice for President

Lewis Center, Ohio–Monday, November 13, the voters of Somaliland will go to the polls to elect new leader. It will beRead More »

President Trump must rethink his decision to escalate U.S. military involvement in Somalia

In January, the New York Times reported that the Trump transition team sent a four page series of questions to the StateRead More »

UAE military base is a good deal for Somaliland, if done in a transparent manner

Last week, the Somaliland Parliament approved a plan for the United Arab Emirates to establish a military base in BerberaRead More »

Horn of Africa drought requires action, including in Somaliland: Ali Mohamed (Opinion)

The Horn of Africa region has been hit by one of its worst droughts in decades, affecting 20 million people. AccordingRead More »

Mobile money transfer transactions must be based on Somaliland shilling

Last week, the Silanyo administration issued a decree banning the use of Mobile money transfer services for less than $100Read More »

U.S. policy on Somalia ignores facts on the ground: Ali Mohamed

The Obama administration recently announced that the United States will appoint an ambassador to Somalia for the first time in two decades.Read More »

Delaying Somaliland’s Elections could undermine Country’s Fragile Democracy

There is a serious concern among many Somalilanders about the upcoming election that is scheduled on March 27, 2017, becauseRead More »

Why Speaker Erro Should Not Be President of Somaliland

The Somaliland voters will go to the polls to elect a new leader in March 2017. That leader must haveRead More »

China’s unfair Trade with Africa Undermines Governance

China is Africa’s leading business partner, with $220 billion trade, and the largest source of direct investment. While the tradeRead More »

Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia Require Congressional Action

Last week, Secretary John Kerry met with the foreign ministers of East African nations in Kenya to discuss the fightingRead More »

Why Colonel Bihi Should be Somaliland’s Next President

Next week, the ruling Kulmiye party will convene its national convention to choose the party’s 2017 presidential nominee. More thanRead More »

The Syrian refugees deserve compassion and humanity

The worst refugee crisis since World War II is looming in Europe. The majority of these refugees are from conflictRead More »

Cut U.S. aid to Ethiopia's despotic government: Ali Mohamed (Opinion)

President Barack Obama’s trip to Africa this month includes a stop in Ethiopia, the first time a sitting U.S. president hasRead More »

Flag of slavery has no place in society

On June 17,  Dylann Roof, 21 years old, white supremacist, killed nine African American men and women, in a bibleRead More »

United Nations Meddling Threatens Somaliland Sovereignty

By Ali Mohamed Lewis Center, Ohio—This week, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, Ambassador Nicolas Kay, willRead More »