About Us

Gubanmedia is an online news analysis and commentary covering  the Horn of Africa region. We want to bring to our audience a thought-provoking commentary, news analysis as well as blog posting. The website would be very objective and un-biased. We are truly independent news outlet, neither part of corportaion nor funded by any government.WE shall not also allow advertising, political or business interest influence our editorial decisions.

The main mission of GubanMedia is to  inform the Horn of Africa communities and American audience. Fairly, objectively and accurately.We want also contribute a free and democratic society where the government is accountable to the people. More importantly, the website would become a platform for the people to engage debate and exchange ideas to promote good journalism.

We strive to Present a well balanced stories.We promise to give all sides equal opportunity to promote and advance their arguments while reserving our discretion not publish those portions that may deem go beyond the realms of free speech and tolerance as to harm public peace.

We promise to our readers to rely on Gubanmedia and its contributors to provide accurate, clearly sourced accounts of events while at the same time empowering them by the way of providing them a platform through they can interact and questions political leaders and other institutions that impact their daily living.

We do not misrepsent ourselves to get a story, not we do pay newsmakers or sources.Above all,the Gubanmedia is committed  disseminating un-biased, fair and accurate reporting.

Gubanmedia would respect individual’s right of privacy and will never do anything that would violate their rights for privacy unless it is justified by overriding consideration of public interest.

The website would also act as source to educate America people and American academics and students in the field of international and diplomacy about the US foreign policy on the Horn of Africa and the effect it has on indigenous people.

And, with Allah’s permission, we would succeed offering them a provocative news analysis and interesting blog posting on current issues on the region as well as the rest of the world. We hope that you would make Gubannedia as your source for the news and commentary  from the Horn of Africa region.


Ali-Guban Mohamed

Founder, Gubanmedia

Covering  the Horn of Africa region.