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Guban View: Ismail Omar Guellleh, the Djibouti dictator, is not Somaliland’s friend

Lewis Center, Ohio—-The little dictator of the tiny African state Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh also known as IOG, is seekingRead More »

Guban View: Greedy private school owners are destroying Somaliland’s education system

Lewis Center, Ohio—Somaliland education system has come from a long way since the civil war in 1980’s when all learningRead More »

Somaliland Security: How a brazen religious zealots took over the Burao city government

Lewis Center, Ohio—It’s a very rare in a male dominated and poverty stricken Somaliland for women to move head andRead More »

Guban View: Gen.Taani stands for Somaliland

Lewsi Center, Ohio—The time has come to stand up for Somaliland. President Bihi should not cave in the demands ofRead More »

Guban View: How Somaliland Ministry of Interior bullies the elected district councils

This week, Somaliland police arrested six councilors of the Gabiley district Council. They are being held at the headquarters ofRead More »

Somaliland army must disarm Buur-Madow’s militias

The ongoing communal violence in Eil-Afwein is a tragedy.The communal violence in Eil-Afwein has been going on and off for the lastRead More »

Guban View: Pandering to clan identity undermines democracy

Lewis Center, Ohio–Somaliland has a serious clan identity crisis.It was revealed during the 2017 presidential election result; some of the Read More »

Guban View: Do not let Wadani party hold Somaliland elections hostage with frivolous demands

After a long absence from the political scene, the Madasha group held a press briefing under a shaded tree somewhereRead More »

Let's remember those who are facing adversity during the Eid-al-Fitra celebration

June 4, 2019 ️Eid Mubarak☪️Shawal 1,1440 It’s that time of the year when we celebrate  Eid-al-fitr after the end of Ramadan—-aRead More »

Mr. Ramaah  must be brought to justice for inciting violence 

Lewis Center, Ohio—This week, in a poorly shot video,  Mr. Suleiman Ali  aka Ramaah, the former Sahel region governor duringRead More »

Guban View: Why we celebrate May 18

On a sunny Saturday on May 18, Somaliland people celebrated the 28th anniversary of our independence, with parades across theRead More »

The U.S. should not be a safe haven for accused war criminals like Somalia’s Col. Tukeh

Lewis Center, Ohio– Mr. Farhan Warfaa was a 17 year farmer when he was abducted. In December 1987, he andRead More »

Gubanmedia: A tribute to President Egal

I have written this note as a tribute to our late President Mohamed Ibrahim Egal: 17 years ago, on MayRead More »

Guban view: Professor Ahmed I. Samatar’s last gasp

Last week, a panel discussion was held in Hargeisa on whether to resume talks between Somaliland and Somalia. Inspire youthRead More »

Massacre grew from rise of white supremacy

This past Friday, a 28 years old Australian-born white supremacist mowed down 50 Muslim worshippers, including women and children atRead More »

Will Somaliland to be governed by the rule of law or by mob rule?

This week, in a video shot  in a low dim light room, a group of Arab sub-clan elders were advocatingRead More »

America's legacy as a nation of immigrants is under siege

On a rainy Wednesday in February, I was lucky enough to witness the naturalization ceremony for the newly minted AmericanRead More »

Bring US troops from Somalia quagmire now

President Donald Trump has declared his intent to withdraw US troops from Syria. He should also bring our troops outRead More »

The spectre haunting Ethiopia: Unbridled torture, impunity in Somali region

Last weekend, Ethiopian defense forces clashed with the notorious para-military Liyu police in the Somali region of Ethiopia. The fightingRead More »

Blatant Somalia apologist, Bashir Goth, wrong choice for Somaliland's representative in Washington DC

This week, President Bihi has  issued a directive appointing a Blatant Somalia apologist, a denier  of the war crimes thatRead More »

Somali Region of Ethiopia: PM Abiy Must Address the Culture of Impunity

Ethiopia is slowly moving in the right direction after the reformist PM Abiy Ahmed took power over 100 days ago.Read More »

Somaliland Must Be Free

The U.S. wastes blood and treasure propping up Somalia while denying its neighbor’s sovereign aspirations. Why? In 1991, following theRead More »

Ethiopia needs US, international intervention

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is wrapping up a visit to Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria to talk withRead More »

Barbar song cheaters: Stealing from Somali creative artists

The hit “Barbar” song has amassed over two million views since hitting youtube in December, but the lyrics of the song wereRead More »

Bring Kenyan troops home from Somalia

  On January 15, 2016, Kenyans reacted with anger and horror  at the news that  al-Shabaab militants  had attacked KenyanRead More »

Somaliland is a beacon of democracy in an unstable region

  LEWIS CENTER, Ohio — In November, the voters of the unrecognized Republic of Somaliland in the volatile Horn of Africa region wentRead More »

Mogadishu mayor’s efforts in helping victims of violence against women show leadership

Lewis Center, Ohio–Last October, a member of the Puntland security forces shot Faiza Mohamed Abdi, 16, in the “pelvic area”Read More »

Time for Irro to congratulate and reach out to President-elect Bihi

On Tuesday, after a long delay, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced that Muse Bihi won the 2017 Presidential election.Read More »

Time for Irro to concede defeat and move on

Last week, the voters of the Republic of Somaliland went to the polls to elect a new President. A preliminaryRead More »

Muse Bihi is the right choice for President

Lewis Center, Ohio–Monday, November 13, the voters of Somaliland will go to the polls to elect new leader. It will beRead More »

President Trump must rethink his decision to escalate U.S. military involvement in Somalia

In January, the New York Times reported that the Trump transition team sent a four page series of questions to the StateRead More »

UAE military base in Somaliland is marred with secrecy and corruption

Last week, the Somaliland Parliament approved a plan for the United Arab Emirates to establish a military base in BerberaRead More »

Horn of Africa drought requires action, including in Somaliland: Ali Mohamed (Opinion)

The Horn of Africa region has been hit by one of its worst droughts in decades, affecting 20 million people. AccordingRead More »

Mobile money transfer transactions must be based on Somaliland shilling

Last week, the Silanyo administration issued a decree banning the use of Mobile money transfer services for less than $100Read More »

U.S. policy on Somalia ignores facts on the ground: Ali Mohamed

The Obama administration recently announced that the United States will appoint an ambassador to Somalia for the first time in two decades.Read More »

Delaying Somaliland’s Elections could undermine Country’s Fragile Democracy

There is a serious concern among many Somalilanders about the upcoming election that is scheduled on March 27, 2017, becauseRead More »

Why Speaker Erro Should Not Be President of Somaliland

The Somaliland voters will go to the polls to elect a new leader in March 2017. That leader must haveRead More »

China’s unfair Trade with Africa Undermines Governance

China is Africa’s leading business partner, with $220 billion trade, and the largest source of direct investment. While the tradeRead More »

Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia Require Congressional Action

Last week, Secretary John Kerry met with the foreign ministers of East African nations in Kenya to discuss the fightingRead More »

Why Colonel Bihi Should be Somaliland’s Next President

Next week, the ruling Kulmiye party will convene its national convention to choose the party’s 2017 presidential nominee. More thanRead More »

The Syrian refugees deserve compassion and humanity

The worst refugee crisis since World War II is looming in Europe. The majority of these refugees are from conflictRead More »

Cut U.S. aid to Ethiopia's despotic government: Ali Mohamed (Opinion)

President Barack Obama’s trip to Africa this month includes a stop in Ethiopia, the first time a sitting U.S. president hasRead More »

Flag of slavery has no place in society

On June 17,  Dylann Roof, 21 years old, white supremacist, killed nine African American men and women, in a bibleRead More »

United Nations Meddling Threatens Somaliland Sovereignty

By Ali Mohamed Lewis Center, Ohio—This week, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, Ambassador Nicolas Kay, willRead More »

Somaliland: Dahabshil Group vs. Sahel Communities

Last week, a group of elders representing the Sahel Communities ( Dan iyo Duco) raised objection the permit for DahabshilRead More »