From a Doctor’s Diary: Horror of Kenya’s public hospitals


It has been nine years since I graduated from medical school at Moi University.

I was 25 years by then and like most young adults, I was impatient with life.

I was posted to Thika District Hospital, now Thika Level 5 Hospital, as a medical officer intern.

Having grown up in Eldoret all my life with four years of high school in Bungoma, this was a whole new chapter in my life.


It was my first time to Nairobi and indeed Thika. Of course I had visited Nairobi twice or thrice with my father and with university teams for sports in Chiromo. So to be posted to Thika was very welcome to me.

Towards the end of January 2009 on a Sunday morning, my uncle Omogaka Machera and my sister Omosuati Kerama took me to Thika. For the first time, I saw the famous Thika Road and the speeding miraa pickups.